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Allison and Mark’s Wedding!

I loved shooting this beautiful young bride and her husband on their wedding day at the Mountain Mermaid Inn in Topanga Canyon, CA!  What a beautiful day, the venue was a dream and the bride and groom and their families were a blast to work with!  Being that the groom is Scottish, it was a lot of fun to speak with his family and hear a real Scottish accent!  Apparently they find our Californian accent quite charming too!  This is a really amazing place to be, nestled in the mountains past Mulholland Drive, it’s like entering a secret wonderland in someone’s elegant backyard.  The staff was great as well, and I have to give props to the wedding planner.  As a bird lover, I was thrilled with all the amount of birds; during dinner we actually saw a Heron fly over, and during the wedding ceremony hummingbirds buzzed around!  It has to be good luck.  

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